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About Me

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Hi I'm Tee, I am IFBB PRO and a qualified level 4 Lower Back Pain specialist as well as  Online Posing and Sports Nutrition Coach. With my skills, knowledge & experience I want to share my passion with other people.  

I know how hard it is to lose weight.  We are being given so much conflicting and confusing information! What to eat, when to eat, how much to eat and let alone what type of exercise is best.  

Maybe you're feeling just as lost as everyone else? 
Maybe you've tried every diet going, yet find yourself back at square one or sometimes even worse. 
As a Personal Trainer I help my clients create healthy and long lasting habits through my exercise, nutrition & mindset programs, which means you get to achieve the results that matter most to you.  For you that might be a change in your body shape, weightloss, to feel fitter, to feel healthier or to feel stronger.  Oh and be able to eat cupcakes without feeling guilty!

It important to understand the fundamentals of the human body and a persons individual characteristics. A one size fits all system never works. I believe in the individual, and how one single step can cause a domino effect for the BETTER. This can lead to a great and prosperous future in health and fitness.

I have changed my view point and turned my life around and so CAN YOU. Making a change is hard and sticking to it is even harder BUT I believe this a choice  YOU WONT REGRET!

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